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81 Here’s A Remarkable Secret About How Financial Planners Move People To Think Long-Term And Decrease “The Instant-Gratification-Problem”


Imagine yourself buying something from the internet. How long do you want to wait before enjoying your purchase?

A day, an hour, a minute, a second?

Now, imagine your client buying your financial planning service. How long does your client want to wait before enjoying the benefits of reaching his goals?

Half a century, 25 years, a decade?

In today’s instant-gratification-world, it takes a behavioral shift to move your clients to think about their future.

So, how do you do that?

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87 Here’s The Surprising Truth About Why Your Financial Planning Customers Love It When You Double Your Income


Yes, it sounds crazy, I know.

You might think it’s about more leads, fees, AUM, or commissions. But no, it’s not.

The real reason is far more interesting. And it’s something most financial planners don’t know.

So before I’ll tell you the truth about how you are able to double your income while having highly satisfied customers, let me first tell you a story.


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4 Why Even Abundant Knowledge Most Likely Won’t Be Enough For Financial Planners to Thrive in The New Age (And What To Do About It)


It has become obvious, in retrospect, that organisations with superb knowledge economy credentials – companies such as Microsoft, General Motors and big Wealth Management Companies, for example –weathered the global economic crisis little better than companies based on the industrial age economics they superseded.

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9 Why People Don’t Want Your Financial Planning Service And It’s Not Because They Don’t Need You, Don’t Trust You, Or Don’t Believe You

A study done by a pair of Canadian psychologists uncovered something fascinating about people at the racetrack.

Just after placing a bet, they are much more confident of their horse’s chances of winning than they are immediately before laying down that bet.

Of course, nothing about the horse’s chances actually shifts: it’s the same horse, on the same track, in the same field.

But in the minds of those bettors, its prospects improve significantly once that ticket is purchased.

What has this got to do with financial planning?

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