So, you are a financial planner.

But you're not an average financial planner.

You believe financial planning is more than just number crunching and analytical reasoning. Because first and foremost, financial planning is a people business.

You know that successful financial planners serve ideal clients, have long-term relationships, and have a thriving business because of it ... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But it doesn't happen overnight. And if you just keep relying on your CFP designation or the rule-makers, it won't happen at all.

That's why smart financial planners know where they want to go, and how to find the right strategies to get there.

They're busy people who can't afford to spend weeks spinning their wheels or running down paths that turn out to be dead ends.

Every hour they spend on education has to move them toward their end goal.

Even if they don't have the answer, they know where to find it.

Smart Financial Planner is for those financial planners. 

Smart Financial Planner is for you.

The Origins of Smart Financial Planner

Smart Financial Planner is the next step in the evolution of, created by financial planner Ronald Sier in 2013.

Ronald is a Certified Financial Planner from the Netherlands and he lives in the most beautiful fishing village ever existed (it's Volendam, check out the pic at the top). He has been a financial planner for about 18 years now and he's married to his loving wife Denny and he has three beautiful children: Frenk, Sanne and Julia. 

But Smart Financial Planner is not about Ronald (or his loving family 🙂 )

It's about you, where you're heading, and how we can help you get there faster.

Want some proof we're up to the task?

See Beyond Numbers was created out of thin air, building an audience of over 2,500 financial planners worldwide in 2 years. 

Since the launch, the blog's popularity has skyrocketed. Here are some highlights.

  • It has reached more than 100,000 financial planners worldwide
  • It has (by far) the most comments in the financial services industry
  • It has published viral posts attracting thousands upon thousands of shares

But despite this success, we sensed it was time to shift focus

Because you know what? The traditional financial planning programs aren't changing. 

Sure, they teach the technical part of our beautiful profession. Which of course is highly necessary. Otherwise you wouldn't be a financial planner in the first place.

But is your knowledge, your number crunching capabilities, your analytical reasoning still relevant if information and simple software is just one swipe away?  

That's why Smart Financial Planner exists. It's about the "other" part of financial planning. The more "human" part. Or, as we call it, the right-brain part of our fantastic profession.

It's about being intentional with your financial planning service.

It's for financial planners who know that people skills, emotional intelligence and being remarkable is a core skill to succeed in the ever changing financial services industry.

Smart Financial Planner combines practical, strategy-infused financial planning advice with a healthy dose of inspiration to keep you going when things get tough.

So, here's the big question:

Are YOU ready to be a Smart Financial Planner?

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However, if you're not ready to get smarter just yet, that's fine too.

We'll be here for you when you are.