How An Unpopular Financial Planning Service Can Become Instantly Desirable By Using A Simple Tool

remarkable seth

Are you willing to be open and honest with yourself?

Then let’s begin.

Do you think that people consider the financial services industry “remarkable” in the right, positive sense of the word?

I’m pretty sure of the fact that people don’t.


Because most financial advisors and planners seem to do what we always have been doing, sell what we always have been selling and deliver services like we always delivered services.

And that’s the problem.

The old rule was this: create safe, ordinary services and combine it with great marketing

The new rule is: create remarkable services that the right people seek out

Unfortunately we don’t act on this new rule. Instead, we tend to use poor excuses.

Via Seth Godin:

Deniability–“They decided, created, commanded or blocked. Not my fault.”

Helplessness–“My boss won’t let me.”

Contempt–“They don’t pay me enough to put up with the likes of these customers.”

Fear–“It’s good enough, it’s not worth the risk, people will talk, this might not work…”

F.E.A.R. ….. False Evidence Appearing Real ….

Our past brought us compliance. Compliance brought us fear. And fear has the annoying effect that we tend to do the same of what worked in the past.

But doing the same brings us mediocrity. And mediocrity won’t work in the new age, with it’s new rules, new marketing and new economy.

It’s not the path to success.

But hey, we are financial planners. We plan the future. It would be odd if we didn’t have a plan to prepare ourselves for the changing future.

You see, the new age brings huges opportunities for success. And yes, being remarkable is just one of those opportunities.

While just about every planner is petrified of “being remarkable”, you become remarkable with even less effort. If successful new financial planning services are the ones that stand out, and most planners desire not to stand out, you’re set!

But please, act now.

Because now is the perfect time. The market is getting faster and faster. And yes, most people are too busy to pay attention.

But a portion of the population is more restless than ever. Some people are happy to switch their current financial advisor – whatever it takes to get an edge. What you need to do is to create a service so useful, interesting, outrageous and noteworthy that your target audience will want to listen to what you have to say. Or better, to seek you out.

Oh, and before I forget: being remarkable is rewarding. Because the marketplace rewards innovation. They reward things that are new, fresh, remarkable and meaningful.

Being Remarkable Isn’t Difficult

When planners think about “being remarkable” they sometimes believe that you need to invent “the financial-planning-iPad” to actually be remarkable.

This is not the case. Being remarkable can be a small thing. Like Curad did with bandages. They “add a little pizazz to cuts and scrapes”.


The effect? Children say: “I want these bandages”.

Can your create the same effect for your financial planning services?

There is a catch

If it isn’t difficult to create a remarkable financial planning service, why doesn’t every planner do it?

Well, it’s because of the fact that people are afraid. You see, if you are remarkable, it’s very likely that people won’t like you. It’s part of the definition of remarkable. Criticism comes to those who stand out.

So you have a choice:

  1. to be invisible and safe
  2. to take a chance and become remarkable

The Remarkable Financial Planning Matrix


The Remarkable Financial Planning Matrix is a tool which helps you to become instantly more desirable.

The matrix has 4 quadrants. The vertical axis represents a regular financial planning service, which is nice to have. And an engaging financial service, which is a must-have. 

The horizontal axis represents a common and a unique financial planning service.

These are the basics of the Remarkable Financial Planning Matrix.

Your financial planning service is always in one of those quadrants. In order to find out in which quadrant your financial planning service is, you need to ask yourself two simple questions:

1. Is your service a must-have to your target audience? 

For example:

A financial planner who gives financial guidance to every type of client is nice to have.

A financial planner for busy start up entrepeneurs who want advice to minimize risks for their family in less than two weeks, becomes a must-have.

Think about first class fly tickets. Those are expensive, but if you are an international entrepeneur and you need your time in the airplane to prepare yourself for speaking at a important seminar, then first class tickets become a must have. A must-have is about being irresistible to a group of people who want to do business with you.

For which service do you think your prospect wants to pay more?

2. Is your service really Unique? 

For example:

A financial planner who presents his financial plan in a paper report is just similar to every other financial planner. It’s common.

A financial planner who presents his financial plan in an engaging video is special and unique.

Think about Volkswage Beetle. Do you remember this (in my opinion) ugly, round and weird car? This car was marketing itself because of the way it looked.

It is a unique car.

When your service is unique and a must have…

…. you hit the jackpot.

When your financial planning service is one of a kind and it solves a real, immediate and painful problem of your target audience, then you are in the right quadrant. You’ll have a remarkable financial planning service.

A remarkable service sells itself. No marketing needed.

Why? Because your clients become fans. And your fans are eager to tell about your service.

Do you want a free gift that helps you to become remarkable?


If you want to know what it is, please check this video out by clicking on it. It only takes 1 minute and 45 seconds of your time.

If you have been reading my articles lately you might recognize that this video represents my vision of the future of financial planning. It shows you why we need to fulfill our right-brain potential to become highly succesful, to innovate our industry and to matter to our customers in the new age.

Do you believe this message? Do you believe your followers will be enthused about this video?

Then don’t be afraid to share it by clicking one of the social media buttons here at the left.

Thank you.

Now, let’s talk about the gift. It’s another -highly engaging – animation video just for you.

Not only I made this video to empower you to become remarkable. I also created it with the goal to attract your ideal clients (like a magnet) for your financial planning service.

You can use the video immediatly in your business. No strings attached.

And here’s the great news: it’s for FREE.

The only thing you need to do is to answer this question:

What do you (want to) do to make your financial planning service remarkable?

(and if nothing comes to mind, please think of other companies and what you find remarkable about them)

Leave your answer – below – in the comment field.

Let’s make financial planning matter.

Ronald Sier


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Robert Martinelli Reply

What do you (want to) do to make your financial planning service remarkable?

I have clearly defined my target audience. I have set up a team of support advisors to ensure that I can help my clients in all their areas. I have chosen to have deep meaningful relationships with my clients instead of shallow AUM relationships.

My challenge is that my message is unique. In addition, as Ron addressed in an earlier session, financial planning is intangible.

Now I’m attempting to learn what I can do to ensure my client’s hunger for my services.

PS I charge fees for my planning services starting at $5K

Chris Reply

Create sustainable financial plans

Monisha Murthy Reply

I try to know what solutions my client is actually looking for.

Andrei Jigalin Reply

I find out what is important to my clients.
I have found over and over that clients trust we are doing a good job managing the investments. What they want is someone who holds them accountable to their goals and makes use they stay on track. I can only do this if I know what is important to them.

Mark Stern Reply

connect with people on an emotional level

Bill Mullen Reply

My presentations are done using a monitor. I do not give a client the written presentation until the very end of the meeting.

Because most people save using IRAs, 401(k)s etc, they don’t realize the impact taxes will have on their retirement years. I highlight that during my presentation. Many times the numbers look great until taxes are taken into account.

I ask, “Are you comfortable with the amount of taxes you will be paying during retirement”, and focus on what will happen at age 70 1/2, RMD time. That leads to a whole new discusstion

James Brewer Reply

Make planning be perceived as necessary but fun like Curad did with getting a scrape.

anish vora Reply

Right brain, coaching, and more and more

Leo Harper Reply

Compared to what?

Daniel Reply

Take away fear and get people excited about the future

nigel Reply

Passionate about taking care of them and I’m in their corner

John Reply

I want to excite prospects to want to take action and become clients

John Reply

I want to excite prospects to want to take action

Thabiso Reply

I want to develope a highly engaged social media personality and brand that can understand prospects needs and concerns directly from the market and therefore address what really matters to prospects.

Barb Reply

Spend more time asking questions to uncover a need the client didn’t know they had.

Mark Fenton Reply

It would be nice to have prospects feel that I am needed!

Andrew Reply


Chris Wheatman Reply

I find it remarkable when the client infers: “Don’t you leave, Chris; you know our situation better than our family”……….so we get to know the family…………..cascading wealth helps our sustainability

Joe Reply

Dig deeper and ask more questions.

Ben Reply

Listening their stories & telling our stories.

rich dworzak Reply

I want to convey to the client that I don’t just work 9 to 5. They can call upon me outside business hours with concerns they have so that they can view me as a partner in striving for their success. I also want to continually assure them that its best when they share their feelings and fears, and even criticisms, with me so that we can have an honest and workable relationship. I need to manage their expectations.

Ben Reply

Undercomitt overdeliver.

Michal Palumbos Reply

We guide the client on how to create their own financial plan rather then telling or selling them on what to do. Utilizing our unique process becomes a must have for clients and they want to share the experience. Now we would like to take it to the next step and add more right brain tools to the process.

Jeff Reply

Thanks you

Jesse Reply

I let clients know that their financial plan won\’t be a one and done situation. I ask them what their vision of retirement looks like. Whats the most important thing they would like to accomplish before and after retiring.

Ashley Reply

Show clients I care about there wellbeing.

Mike Reply

SOmehow make planning meetings enjoyable.

North Reply

So many things…

Marion Reply

Hi Ronald,
I would create a personalized and engaging website with videos, animated ones, etc.
Excellent follow-up
To be proactive

Andrew Reply

lol just want to make a little bit more money and still make people happy

bob Reply

Nice Job. Thanks

bob Reply

The most effective plans are the ones that are actually implemented. Nice job Ronald. Think differently about engaging our clients in their own lives and then we can make planning matter.

Martin Reply

Right brain, coaching, and more and more

Mark Reply

Integrate more cashflow and budgeting into my advice – the lifeblood of finances – rather than focussing on investments as a product.

Russell Reply

I will be putting some videos on my website and using whiteboard more, listening and simplifying.

Fotis Joannou Reply

For my clients to really know that things will be ok and to have peace of mind

Rick Reply

Women are more prone to hire me for a retirement plan. Men typically want to do it themselves. It seems that by hiring a planner, men are admitting they can\’t do it themselves and that is emasculating. Women are conditioned differently and don\’t think they are required to have the tools to manage their own finances…that is a man\’s work. It\’s easier for them to hire me because that is what they\’ve learned in life. Women don\’t manage their own money. To make a retirement plan a \”must have\” it needs to be consistent with what we\’ve been raised to believe; i.e. it needs to something we do as a society in order to survive a long and challenging (perhaps unforgiving) retirement. My goal is to show people things they\’ve never seen before and then have the right \”story\” for why their other advisors never told them that. If we can drive a wedge between what they think they know and what we want them to believe, we have a better chance of winning the business. The following quote is one I use…after I\’ve positioned the possibility of why they might consider a different approach. \”It ain\’t what you don\’t know that gets you into trouble. It\’s what you know for sure that just ain\’t so.\”

Martin Higgins Reply

Annual progress report tied to goals not an index

Marin Reply

By offering lifestyle planning

Joe Reply

I am trying but struggling to get the message over to prospects how different my service is from the traditional adviser they expect me to be.

Andrew Parkinson Reply

Make it easy and fun!

Frank Castro Reply

All this advice and items to think about are great, thanks

Scott Reply

I want to appeal to the emotions of my prospects so they can see the real me which only has their best interest in mind.

Susan Reply

I\’ve created a boutique firm that caters solely to Independent women who have experienced a \”Life Event\” such as widowhood, divorce or downsizing. I host monthly Wine, Women and Wealth events providing women a safe space to share ideas, concerns, and experiences with all areas of finance. Simply put I want to be known in my community as The Financial Planner to go to for Education, Respect, and of course Excellent Fin\’l Planning.

My tag line is \”Reinventing Wealth Management for Women\”

Noah Reply

Interactive & Collaborative. Needs to be their plan, not the plan that was cooked up behind the scenes (adviser\’s plan.)

Mike WIlliams Reply

We tell people the truth about their money and help them do the things important to them, when they want to do them.

PS Is there any chance you can spell \’specialise\’ correctly in the video (!) 🙂

    Ronald Sier Reply

    I wish that English was my native language…
    I\’ll see what I can do Mike! Thanks for the heads up.

Mike WIlliams Reply

We tell people the truth about their money and help them do the things important to them, when they want to do them.

Taiya Reply

Often, people\’s biggest money issue isn\’t money. It\’s what\’s going on between the ears, knowingly or not, that affect their ability, or inability, to create and manage wealth. They are they\’re biggest obstacle to creating and living a life they love with purpose, passion and freedom. I use life planning and money coaching to layer on the architecture of a financial plan to get people out of their own way.

Bronwyn Reply

Utilising more engaging tools available like video.

Sukhvinder Sidhu Reply

I make engaged communications with client since the start of relationship. Now trying to make young families as my prospects.

Marty Reply

I am new and know that I have the technical ability and the personal desire to be the trusted adviser. I am trying to find the right balance between the left and right brain. As I engage new clients I make a point of getting their feedback so that I can continue to improve my service.

Shrikala Jammalamadaka Reply

What do i want to do to make my financial planning remarkable?
Well, i care for the peoples goals, not just by hitting their right-brain side, but in particular by providing for background information, keeping them up-to-date and showing up alternative ways to achieve their goals. The people are prejudiced against financial advisors and planners, since they have been duped and punched into contracts they could not afford or did not want and did not really need! – But how to get them have a try with me? How to make them listen?

Steve May Reply

I want to use online engagement tools and new methods of delivering advice.

Peter Reilly Reply

One remarkable thing that I think I do is that I get the spouse to be as informed as the \’accepted family financial decision maker\’ and then raise their true combined knowledge of their money and resources and issues higher. Then a remarkable thing happens- both of them make MASSIVE financial decisions TOGETHER at our Planning Meetings. Result: usually 5 to 10 times more business for me than conventional \’money movement financial services\’ and a multitude more of this in more value for them.

Joe Reply

Learn to really listen to what the client is saying. Sometimes you have to look behind their words to see what they are really saying. Then, simplify your advice and keep it interesting and engaging.

Eric Reply

Over deliver with value.
Do the extra mile that the client Will remember.

Gary Watts Reply

1. Trust
2. Caring
3. Ability

Prompt action by appealing to both the limbic system (animal brain) and neocortex (human, thinking brain).

Sean Reply

to create an interactive process that engages and empowers the client, so that they become a fan and hopefully are excited enough to be a cheerleader.

John Doney Reply

We need to sharpen our process so we can deliver our must have services (our investment processes and educational material) more efficiently to all of our clients

Kevin W Reply

I would like my planning service to focus more on the emotional/human side of people\’s lives and have clients excited that we\’re their advisors – so much so that they talk about us to friends and associates.

Mike Davis Reply

Learning about all of our clients details in their lives and caring about the same

Brahma Reply

like the idea

Nathan Govender Reply

Hey chaps , interesting article , I am new to the sales field have in the industry for the last 7 years so I know abit about portfolio construction , but how I appeal to the individual & corporate to make use of me & my services when they either have a trusted broker in place or they are too eager not to spend money on protecting themselves . Also with the stories of Tannenbaum & the Wolf of Wall Street , there is a genral instinct of mistrust when it comes to financial planning , how do I break this mould ??

Marc Reply

I am planning to make my service remarkable through the use of video summary of the advice given instead of the standard paper version…

Andrew Watts Reply

I want clients to be those that buy into our company vision, so we are all working towards the same thing.

David Reply

I try to get to understand what makes them \”tick\”. The thing(s) that drive them, both positive and negative. Then build a plan, with their feedback, to help them work step by step, towards ensuring that their financial life is in alignment with their life plan.

Martin Reply

Getting away from the numbers, providing a visual demonstration on what their future could look like and daring them to dream..

Bill Reply

Start by getting them to talk about themselves, and then really listen to what they say. Ask for clarification when necessary. Ask simple questions like \”What is your greatest fear?\” and \”What do you want to do more than anything else?\” Listen some more. Lead them to the point where they know and can articulate what they want out of life and what they want from you. Here, your left brain has to step in. If a solution is not apparent at this point, ask more questions, listen some more, and set a second appointment to discuss possible solutions. Then go do your homework. But if you have possible solutions at this point, begin talking about them, but don\’t go all left brain and technical. Keep it simple and consistent with the tone of the conversation you\’ve been having. Keep it human. Clients will buy in if you can do that. If you veer off into average annual returns and ROI and beta and alpha, you lose. If you can tell a story that illustrates the solution, great. Or use a metaphor. Or draw a simple picture. The story and the metaphor and the visual are all right brain activities. And guess what? They \”get it\”, they win, and you win.

John Reply

I try to add value where I can. Sometimes the \’little\’ things make a difference, such as convincing a client to fly business class on holidays.

Joseph van Tonder Reply

By treating each customer differently and by showing care.

Scott Reply

present client information, goals, plans, recommendations in fun easy to understand / grasp pictorial / graphical solutions to provide a unique helicopter view of what is and what will be

Pete Reply

I want to show my clients that financial planning is more about having a plan to support the achievement of lifelong goals & help my clients develop a lifestyle action plan to live life to the full in the way they want. And then I want to spend 95% of the time talking about all the awesome things they\’ve achieved and only 5% on the numbers!

Noah Reply

Develop and refine a new client process that is simple, effective and referable.

jeff Reply

please use more video demonstrations

Keith Butten Reply

Inspire clients by enjoying a great lifestyle and by giving time to help others, particularly young people with years ahead of them to, in turn, inspire others.

Ray Reply

Try to connect emotionally by sharing with them first my story and my big \”Why.\”

Paul Reply

Speak and write with the clarity, humor, and wisdom of Warren Buffett.

Marsha Reply

One of my clients said to me, \”You are the first person that explained this so that I could understand it.\” I want all of my clients to feel that way about their financial plan.

Ian Reply

make every contact WOW our client/potential client

Carien Jutting Reply

It has to be a plan the client can really relate to. It takes time and lots of conversation to find this out. Then as an advisor one has to map out a game plan to achieve their goal.

Michel Reply

to help my clients see beyond numbers

Reine Reply

Engage people with stories and then paint their future into a beautiful story, rich with life and present it with pictures and images in a personalised video presentation.

Gerard Reply

Use the golden circle from Sinek, it is all about the WHY!!!

Andrew Watts Reply

In the last few months I have been identifying and defining the problems that client will face in the future and focussing on them – the problems they either don\’t know they will have, or that they suspect they will have but can\’t quantify, so simply bury their heads in the sand. Focussing on the problems first, provides value well above the solutions.

Tom Reply

focusing on plan over products, but still working on the \’fun engagement\’ part of it–how to make the planning engaging, visually appealing, and presented in a way that facilitates client internal buy-in

Martyn Green Reply

I find out what my clients really want by listening to them and then present the plan to get there, it\’s all about what they want and not the products.

Philip Reply

Place the client at the centre of everything I do.

Mike Reply

Show a client how we can make their life easier.

ylpathi Reply

1.Explaining plan on physical paper 2.Giving one folder, which is labelled like life plan and child plan, retirement plan etc… to keep all their documents at one place.

Cam Reply

Creating meaningful relationships with clients through a real understanding of their aspirations in life and then providing the support and motivation to achieve them.

Robert Wander Reply

I try to do two things – help clients/prospects face the reality of their situation, both for good and bad

Make it as easy as possible for them to do the things they want to do in improving their financial life

Mike Reply

If you put yourself out for people, it will come back to you.

Sean Hinson Reply

still struggle with this

I train and make the plan visual with flow charts and use of the whiteboard and try to personalise the numbers to their goals.

Peter Reply

Be a planner who is invested in the client making an informed decision, rather than the decision that leads to the answer the advisor favors

Mark Reply

Help people recognise and achieve what they really want in life.

Geoff Reply

Understand the clients story and help them lead a purposeful and meaningful life using enjoyable right brain techniques at every occasion.

John Barton Reply

Provide a safe environment where clients can explore some, if not most, of their greatest desires in life.

Justin Reply

Bring the financial plan to life using all available media

Philip Reply

Help client live the lifestyle they want to

Philip Reply

People don\’t care what you know until they know that you care!

Charlie Reply

Have technology engage them and make them want to be active in their finances

Andreas Reply

Start planning with young clients who just started their careers. Young people are easier too fascinate and more eager too create financial goals.

Kevin Reply

Working with HNW business owners moving towards the next phase of their lives, we assist by addressing the five key areas of concern in their lives: Wealth Preservation, Tax Mitigation, Asset Transfer to Heirs, Wealth Protection and Making a Difference in their World.

The goal is to find the most effective methods of having these folks self-identify.

Chris Reply

To not get sucked into the \’transaction trap\’ and deliver the same lifestyle financial planning process consistently.

Philip Reply

Help Clients face the Truth

Brian Reply

Create an experience clients want to participate in. Engage them in the process. Similar to the build a bear way of selling teddy bears

    Edward Reply

    Amazing blog! Do you have any helpful hints for ainprisg writers? I\’m planning to start my own site soon but I\’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I\’m completely confused .. Any tips? Cheers!

Sanjeev Reply

What do you do to make your financial planning service remarkable?
It is I think very simple:-
1. Listen to them much more than you speak
2. Identify their pain points
3. Identify their pleasure points
4. Make them discover these pain and pleasure points.
5. Nudge them to suggest a solution to these issues.
6. Offer the service which gives these solutions.

Hubrien Meijaard Reply

My practice is remarkable for my clients, because i\’m really helping reaching their goals (peace of mind and getting grip on their money) through my personal method of financial life planning

Joe Reply

Tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Paul Reply

integrate more of my business coaching and NLP skill sets which are around extracting life goals and helping people be better emotionally
start our utube videos

Dougal Reply

What do you (want to) do to make your financial planning service remarkable? Well, I want to give my clients \”enlightenment\” and then help them become competent investors. You\’re probably aware there are four stages of competency (unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent and unconsciously competent). I believe we need to tell stories, share anecdotes, etc to enlighten clients to their incompetence and then help them get competent.

Andrew Reply

empower our clients with tools and knowledge

walter Reply

Help people to think and dream. Then ask the right questions.
After that we can do the boring stuff so our clients dreams can become reality.

Shaun Hunt Reply

Engage in more meaningful relationships with more of my ideal clients.

Steven Rawlins Reply

I think our firm could be remarkable because we combine expert tax advice with financial advice. Not everyone can do that like we can. They either know tax or they know financial planning, but not both.

Rob Reply

Put our clients and ourselves on the one technology platform that centrally stores their personal balance sheet, cashflow reports, SMART goals (encompassing health, prosperity & happiness) and their important documents for reference and retrieval as required.

Mike Leffler Reply

Make a human connection with our clients.

Dean Reply

Learn about my client prior to doing any business with them.

Ian Reply

Ask questions nobody has ever asked them before, then listen to what they say/don\’t say

Ellen Reply

I\’m going to challenge my clients to make changes in order to align their behavior with their goals.

partha iyengar Reply

By empowering my clients to live their dreams. How will I do it? By being a \’Choice Architect\’ [ [Richard Thaler in his book \’ Nudge\’ explains it very well] for my clients. Which means being an observer, listener and facilitate the clients through gentle nudges to change their financial behaviors and habit to live the dreams that they want to in their lives. Because they chose the dreams in their life and we act as mere facilitators to empower, engage and energize them to achieve it.

Michael Reply

What a great question! Like others, I do not know the answer, but I think helping clients and their families focus on overall well-being (financial, health, happiness, might be meaningful (if not remarkable).

p.s. Love the video

Herko Reply

I don\’t know how to make it remarkable, but I probably first need to lose some history and work on my right-brain potential. I\’m guessing the human factor will be decisive (with the help of modern technology).

Partha Iyengar Reply

Ronald..I enjoyed the blog and the video so much..Very inspiring! The story telling format was nicely demonstrated by Dan Pink in his new book \’ To sell is Human\’ whereby he mentions different kind of pitches to be used for one\’s business. The story telling format by Pixar studios stands out the best. Your video pretty much reminds me of the Pixar studios template on how to pitch our business or services. Awesome! Would love to speak with you soon! Thanks.

Brian Reply

Be more of a \”life\” planner than a \”Financial\” planner. It\’s their Life that is Real and the things in it that matter.
The Financial side of it is the means to make their plans work out.

Mark Charrlton Reply

We create a \’state of mind\’ for our clients. A place where they know they don\’t have to worry about their money because they trust us to do that for them.

Chris Reply

By being open minded and showing a process that fits to the values an goals of the human

Robert Terry Reply

To be able to communicate a service which clients will instantly engage with and buy in to the fact that in order to achieve what they want in life they need to have a plan to do it

Robert Terry Reply

To be able to communicate a service which clients will instantly engage with and buy in to the fact that in order to achieve what they want in life they need to have a plan to do it

Marc Reply

Creativity in my presentation approach

Brian Reply

Find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Adrian Kidd Reply

tapping more into the emotions and heartbeat behind the planning

Lovegeet Dhuria Reply

Help my Clients achieve their Financial Goals.

Rutvik Pathak Reply

When path of achieving Goals is Rational and with emotions , We make it remarkable.

If Planing is done selflessly , where making him understand that what planner is doing is very noble. In this whole process we ourself have to be truthful.

When something like this is done feeling of remarkable thoughts can come.

Phil Reply

Create an office environment where clients come to initially engage in their financial plan by seeing it live on the big screen. Having done this as part of their introduction to my service, they then want to come back on a regular basis to review their plan and really \’see\’ how they are progressing towards their key goals.

matt stevens Reply

All of the above and paint pictures and give teal client examples as clients relate more to this than facts and figures

Jon Reply

In working with a client, my #1 goal is to help them discover what truly matters to them personally, professionally, and financially. This helps me understand the \”language\” that the client speaks. For some clients, that language is all about safety and security. For others, it\’s about growing their wealth and developing in their careers. I can do all of the \”heavy lifting\” and analysis behind the scenes, but in order for it to be relevant, I need to understand how to frame it in a way that resonates with the client.

Sue Reply

!. By listening and asking relevant questions, clearly identifying their specific goals and potential road blocks that may/will stop them achieving it.
2. Provide workable, achievable (steadily increasing?) steps for them to take – and congratulate them on their foresight and initiative! 🙂

Blake Reply

Create a community atmosphere within my business where prospective clients want to join my services and I don’t have to persuade them to do so.

Francis Klonowski Reply

I\’d like to be able to start showing clients at each annual review what they have achieved through working with me – and have them understand that they would not have achieved it without the aid of a financial planner

sean fitts Reply

My business is unique in that I coach my clients. A coach being one who not only teaches, but prompts them to take action. What good is a plan if no action is ever taken. Thanks for the work you are doing as I find it very valuable.

James Cruz Reply

Focus on our client relationships to ensure our processes drive our results. Emotional engagement as opposed to focussing on charts and graphs.
This will hold us out as more remarkable than providing the best data.

Mike Wellby Reply

Spend more time than we ever have before truly understanding our clients needs and desires for now and the future by listening to them and not talking at them, …before helping them to plan for the rest of their lives

David Reply

We facilitate an extraordinary and engaging experience, don\’t sell any products, and charge an annual flat-fee to get every aspect of our client\’s financial house in perfect order and keep it that way year after year. We follow a proprietary comprehensive, integrated, and holistic Values-Based Financial Planning (TM) process that is distinctly unique, rare to find, and far from ordinary. Following an actual checklist, and leading a team of Subject Matter Experts provides our clients the physical and mental time to invest in things and people that bring more meaning and happiness to life.

Ed Morris Reply

We need to motivate and coach our clients. If we can bring the future to life we can bring excitement to their financial plan.

Ken Reply

Affordable, accessible, actionable.

Jack White Reply

We try to help our clients see why they have or want to accumulate money. When they tell us \”to pay for college\” or \”retire\” we try to help them see what that looks like for them and why it\’s important to them. When we help them design their financial plan we want them involved and try hard to explain why we\’re using the numbers and the strategies we are recommending because we want them to look at it as their plan not something we just give them to follow. We also work to help them understand their philosophy about money, investing, life. It\’s not easy but when we\’re successful the client seems to understand the importance of having a financial planner in their live.

Mohamad Hijazi Reply

This year I will concentrate on asking my clients the question,\”How do you FEEL about this solution/plan/product?\”

Theo Reply

Client need and want someone who really listents and who is really interested in their lives and choices to be made.

Blake Reply

Create a community that people want to join I don\’t have to persuade.

Michel Metten Reply

Start thinking more \”right-brained\”!

John Helfgott Reply

I want my clients to feel WOW and that they have found a trusted adviser who understands their goals and fears . An adviser working with them to achieve their desires in a well structured but flexible manner.

Sarah Reply

When a prospective client walks out of my office after an initial meeting, I want them to feel great that they no longer need to think about their money. That they\’ve found someone who they can delegate all the worry to, that they know they can sleep well at night, knowing they are being looked after and can just concentrate on living their lives how they want to

Steve Reply

Make clients understand that \’life is not a rehearsal\’!

Wil Huizinga Reply

A remarkable financial planner is a great simplifier.

    Robert van Beek Reply

    Simplify, simplify, SIMPLIFY!!! GREAT words by Carl Richards 😉

    But not simple and easy to do… Use more graphics, pictures and Photos instead of numbers, text, word, calculations …

    Listen carefully and ask in what way,people and your clients, want to receive information and your communication!

    Keep up the good work Ronald!

    Grtz Robert, /

Julie Reply

Lets help you figure out what\’s important to you about money

Rein Teune Reply

Just help our clients to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Justin Reply

I want to inspire people to create a fulfilled life and show them how financial planning can help them achieve that.

Martyn Reply

Make financial planning available to everyone regardless of their wealth or lack of it.

Ravi Keshari Reply

I think a planner first try to understand the real needs of its customers,that is the uniquness as per me.

Derek Reply

I\’m still working on the \”unique\” factor. I think the \”must-have\” is my planning process.

Chris Reply

Create content that markets and demonstrates the value of advice to people before they are clients!

gardner sherrill Reply

Working to make it more personable and impactful through multi-media, thematic processes and edu-tainment.

marc Reply

I try to connect with customers on a personal level. I try to focus away from the numbers (really hard!) to focus on being the person they can rely on for financial matters.

Peter Reply

We don\’t tell you \”what to do\”.

We tell you \”how to do it\” with our help

Harvey Reply

This year I\’ll be developing my EQ skills to engage my clients at a deeper level.

Chris Nairn Reply

The use of video in communication and advice will be the differing factor and this is what I wish to incorporate more.

Hermann von Koch Reply

It\’s up to us to understand that finical planning is not only about numbers, it\’s about the life, emotions and targets of our customers. Number-crunching is only our homework. Understanding the motivations of our customers and reducing a plan to the relevant facts to motivate the customer is key to success.

Jason Reply

Personalize each client\’s portfolio to their unique situation and provide them a visual roadmap to retirement and beyond.

Alan Reply

One idea – use imagery, video etc incorporated in a financial plan rather than boring pages of text.

Ray Reply

By offering right brain life planning and coaching

Rick Reply

What do you do to make your financial planning service remarkable?
Nothing. That\’s why I need your help.
My last two presentations have gone nowhere even though the clients really need help.

    Coach Maria Marsala Reply

    To me, a presentation starts with planning. Here are a few questions to consider:

    a) What is your niche? Who is your ideal client?

    b) Are you doing your presentations alone or with other business owners who have your ideal clients as their ideal clients?

    c) Do you have a schedule of your presentations for the next 12-months?

    d) How are you marketing your presentations to your current clients?

    e) I disagree with Alan, I don\’t think presentations, in general, are boring. But what are you doing with your presentations? Are you reading everything on the page? Do you have good photo\’s? Do you ask questions and get people working together in your sessions?

    f) what other ways are you marketing to bring strangers to your blog and front door?

    g) how are you using your current clientele to market to your future clientele?

    Ok… coaches are used to asking lots of questions, so I can go on and on…

    But answer those basic questions.

    NOTE: I find that the best way an FA or any service profession for that matter, markets is start with how you\’re treating your current clients. Are you in front of your ideal clients 100 times a year? If not, I\’d start there.

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