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1 Here’s the Logical Truth About Why Financial Planners Should NOT Advise Prospects (and What To Do Instead)

Varys – The King’s “Counselor” in The Game of Thrones.

Admit it. You’re skeptical after reading this title.

Is NOT giving financial advice really the answer to all your prospecting efforts?

You work your ass off on building your knowledge, so will it get the recognition it truly deserves by NOT sharing it with the world?

Well, here’s the disappointing truth…

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2 How To Be Bold in a World Where Compliance is King


It’s practically a financial planning commandment.

Thou shalt obey the compliance officer.

And even if those words have never been etched into stone, it’s still rock-solid advice. After all, if you DON’T follow their advice, your financial planning career will be doomed. Forever.

Knowing this, you take compliance seriously.

You read what they publish.

You study for their exams.

You tweak every process until it’s perfect.

But does this help you? I mean, does this help you to move forward?

If you’re honest, you can’t help but feel mortified at the prospect of staying hopelessly trapped in the compliance officer’s rules.

You want to break out. You want to escape. You want to do it your way.

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48 How to Mute People’s Pain of Paying your Hourly Financial Planning Rate or Monthly Retainer Fee


Imagine grabbing a cab.

Picture yourself sitting on the back seat and looking at the taxi meter. Don’t you hate watching the taxi meter going up, knowing that every extra inch of the way is costing you?

Why do you hate this?

It’s because of the pain you are suffering. Not physical pain of course, but rather activation of the same brain areas associated with physical pain.

Now, picture your client paying your hourly fee. Is it any different?

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119 Here’s the Pricing Mistake Almost Every Financial Planner Makes (and How To Fix It)

Imagine that your prospects didn’t hesitate, not even for one second, to pay your price. That it would be – in fact – a no-brainer.

Don’t believe that’s possible? Then stop here.

However, if you don’t want to leave money on the table and if you don’t want to miss my free gift at the end of this article, you might want to keep reading.

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80 Here’s A Remarkable Secret About How Financial Planners Move People To Think Long-Term And Decrease “The Instant-Gratification-Problem”


Imagine yourself buying something from the internet. How long do you want to wait before enjoying your purchase?

A day, an hour, a minute, a second?

Now, imagine your client buying your financial planning service. How long does your client want to wait before enjoying the benefits of reaching his goals?

Half a century, 25 years, a decade?

In today’s instant-gratification-world, it takes a behavioral shift to move your clients to think about their future.

So, how do you do that?

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