Here’s the Logical Truth About Why Financial Planners Should NOT Advise Prospects (and What To Do Instead)

Admit it. You’re skeptical after reading this title.

Is NOT giving financial advice really the answer to all your prospecting efforts?

You work your ass off on building your knowledge, so will it get the recognition it truly deserves by NOT sharing it with the world?

Well, here’s the disappointing truth…

It’s best you don’t (although I know you really want to).

The quality of your knowledge doesn’t count for much in the “prospect-phase” of your relationship. It’s like an artist hanging work in a gallery nobody visits.

It’s not fair. But then nobody said it would be.

That’s why you need an unfair advantage.

So, you might want to watch this 6-minute video.

Because, as it turns out, the truth is 100% logical.

As you watch the video, you’ll notice something interesting: most financial planners find it hard to engage people in financial planning. Really hard.

So, as a result, they mostly show their knowledge and expertise. Because that’s a safe bet.

But in the end …


No new clients. No referrals. And certainly no recognition for your best intentions.

So, if you want more recognition for your knowledge and expertise, remember that this doesn’t exist in isolation – it comes from people.

And if you want that from the right people, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

That could mean you’re:

  • not talking about yourself,
  • not talking about your expertise,
  • and not showing off your credentials.

But instead:

  • talk about them
  • ask about their achievements
  • show your interest in their life and work

And you’ll see that your knowledge and expertise will be ASKED for (without selling it).

Isn’t that the safest bet?

Let’s make financial planning matter,


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