Financial Planner, Will They Say THIS at Your Funeral?

Dearly Beloved,

We gather here today to honor the memory of our friend, Certified Financial Planner.

That was his birth name.

Most knew him simply as Financial Planner.

Financial Planner’s life was tragically cut short at a very young age. I am saddened to say, he never really hit his stride or had the chance to grow up to enjoy what might have been his prime.

When Financial Planner was born, he was full of hope and vigor. He dreamed of being genuinely helpful to people. He loved to empower people to reach their goals, though our friend Financial Planner, never reached his goal.

Those of us who remember Financial Planner knew he always wanted to help people with his extensive knowledge. Though many admired Financial Planner because he was highly educated, he was often cautioned about spreading his knowledge to the world.

Though we honor Financial Planner’s spirit, he could be self-centered from time to time. So much of what Financial Planner did was sell financial products. It is hard to imagine that Financial Planner never noticed his audience was tuning out, but he persisted in his ways. Some things cannot be explained.

Maybe it had something to do with Financial Planner’s fear.

There’s no denying he was frightened to change. While the business changed rapidly, he was doing the same stuff that worked yesterday, five years ago, maybe even ten years ago. He was doing “the usual.” It must have worn him out to defend mediocrity.

Financial Planner was not all that concerned about his appearance.

In fact, some might say — lovingly, of course — that he did his best, but they secretly never saw the true value of Financial Planner’s work. And just as in every line of work, that’s suicide.

Financial Planner never meant to be dull.

Don’t get me wrong. To know him was to love him. He was as unique as all of God’s children. However, having seen some of Financial Planner’s work, I must say his charms didn’t come through. He held back for fear of the rule-makers.

Some would say our friend Financial Planner was too analytical.

His dearest friends and loved ones shared with me how tormented he was about when he realized the people he served so well, didn’t engage with him as much as he wanted too. On the other hand, was he really to blame for that? Because as we all know, empathy and emotion are not always valued in the financial services industry.

Of course, this memorial service is not meant to be a roast.

We want to celebrate Financial Planner’s short life and be thankful we knew him. Financial Planner had a good heart. He meant to bring value to the lives of the people he touched.

Still, I believe all of us here can’t help but wonder, “What if … ?”

What if Financial Planner took more care to consider what mattered most to his clients?

What if he were a better listener?

What if he knew about becoming smarter by using his people skills?

What if? What if? What if?

However, my friends, he tried. Sometimes that is the best one can do.

We mourn the loss of Financial Planner, but we take comfort knowing Financial Planner is in the arms of the angels now.

Financial Planner, God rest your soul, we pray for you.

If you’d like to say a few words about Financial Planner, please leave your comment here below.

Thank you.

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Johan baker Reply

Thanks for sharing wonderful information.

Yvonne E. Venter - Louw Reply

I have been on this mission of personal and practice growth since 2011 – I always stated that I am not a policy-sales-man, broker or just a planner. Today I can proudly state that my practice has grown to an education, advice, coaching, mentoring and services (implementation and administration) practice. My clients who stayed with me through this growth clearly understand and value the benefits of my knowledge, experience and education.
This process was not easy, but all thanks to mentors like you and Scott Plaskitt from Iron Shield, I have structured a fee-only practice with true added value for clients.
Thank you!

    Ronald Sier Reply

    Thank you very much for this wonderful reply Yvonne. I feel honored.

Kathy Waite Your Net Worth Manager Reply

This is why I stopped using the title financial planner in 2011. I tried money coach but it came over as debt counselling. Since 2014 I have used Your Net Worth Manager and I am paid for what I know NOT what I sell. I charge an annual subscription and educate and help people implement change. Its fun! Its about real life NOT numbers! Ron is 100% right until we get the boring sales people out of this industry it will die. Every plan does not end in a product but if you make a living selling products it has to. There is little new blood, graduates dont want to be paid like car sales men!

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