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2 How Vital is Innovation for a Thriving Financial Planning Industry?

Healthy competition is inspiring indeed. It encourages you to perform better than the others to succeed and survive. Well, same applies for the financial planning industry too. If you’re a financial planner, then don’t assume that you’re the sole ruler of the industry. You need to be more innovative and communicative with your clients to survive the tough competition and get a hold of your own. This will not only boost your standing as a financial planner and the industry will also prosper.

How a financial planner may go innovative?

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3 10 Essential Aptitudes Financial Planners Mostly Don’t Use

In my previous blogpost (A Vision Of The Future of Financial Planning in the New Age) I explained why you have to master right brain thinking to succeed in the new relationship age. It’s necessary to complement our logic (left brain) reasoning by mastering 10 essential right brain aptitudes. Together these 10 aptitudes can help develop our profession this era demands.

And help you to be successful.


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