How Vital is Innovation for a Thriving Financial Planning Industry?

Healthy competition is inspiring indeed. It encourages you to perform better than the others to succeed and survive. Well, same applies for the financial planning industry too. If you’re a financial planner, then don’t assume that you’re the sole ruler of the industry. You need to be more innovative and communicative with your clients to survive the tough competition and get a hold of your own. This will not only boost your standing as a financial planner and the industry will also prosper.

How a financial planner may go innovative?

You must be wondering how financial planning can be innovative. May be you’ve doubts about the possibilities too. After all, financial planning is all about analyzing the client’s disposition and providing solution for better money management. This is true but not completely. A financial planner has a lot more to do for his clients. The functions may remain the same but the approach can be rejuvenated. You may approach innovatively through the following techniques:


Consult with care: Before you go ahead with the financial planning, you must ask yourself the most important question – how do you bond with your client? You must connect with your client. Otherwise you’re client may hesitate to open up about all of his or her financial details and this may ruin the benefits. Financial planning is a serious business, that doesn’t mean you’ve to always maintain a no nonsense mode while counseling. Don’t make the whole process eerie for your client. A slight change in your approach may turn out to be a really innovative step.


Invent methods for better encouragement: Along with charting financial plan for your client you must make sure that your client will follow it. Most of the time people loose motivation when it comes to follow a financial plan rigorously. So you must keep encouraging your clients always. Prepare slide shows of personal success stories, encourage with quotes and arrange regular sessions for your clients. You need to keep pushing until your clients realize the positive differences.


Explain about budgeting software and apps: Incorporating technology into financial planning can be really fun. All you need to do is a bit of research to find out the best budgeting apps and software. You may discuss the benefits of these apps with your clients. This will not only increase the interest of your clients but financial planning will get easier too.


Organize interactive sessions with your successful clients: You need to win the confidence of your clients before making them follow your advice. You may organize interactive sessions with your previous clients. The clients who’ve already made it successfully through watertight financial planning will be able to provide their encouraging success story and this will somehow make the process easy.

Juxtaposition of innovation and experience is bound to be beneficial:

Every distressed person who is seeking freedom from financial worries, searches for the ultimate savior in his financial planner. Of course, experienced financial planners have specific hold over the industry. When experience meets fresh ideas, definitely it creates a killer combo. That’s why it’s important to incorporate fresh ideas to keep the financial planning industry alive.

Time is changing and so is financial situation. In the changed circumstances people are also facing newer financial challenges every day. Perfect financial planning requires detecting the distinct financial challenges of every client. So, being a keen observer is must for a financial planner. When all of these qualities will be followed rigorously by the financial experts, it won’t be tough anymore for the industry to flourish.

To succeed as a financial planner you must also make it a point to realize the debt problems of your client too. An effective financial planning requires a better understanding of the debt related challenges. For more details you may visit

I’d like to know which of the mentioned points engage you the most:

1. Bond with your clients

2. Encouragement

3. More fun

4. Interactive sessions

Please answer here below in the comments area. So that we can learn from each other.

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