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2 Why Some Financial Planners Almost Always Have Engaged Clients

What is your value proposition that sets you apart from other financial planners? Do you use terms like: ‘independent’, ‘wealth management’, ’the best advisor’, ‘actual knowledge’, ‘CFP’, ’trustworthy’ or other features? The problem with this kind of terms is that it’s used by everyone. And it’s also not really compelling. It’s just a feature, while your client is really interested in benefits. So how does your (potential) client know why he has to do (or has to stay in) business with you? He doesn’t, unless you have the right value proposition. That’s why it’s essential to write it in the exact words that relate most to your target audience.

The easiest way – and for most financial planners a really scary way – to discover what these words are, is to do this:

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6 Top Client-Priorities A Financial Planner Should Know

Many financial planners are at risk. They think that they fullfill the needs of their clients by showing the numbers of their financial plan. “The figures should be perfect. It’s in my clients best interest that he sees this”. The numbers are often a priority of the financial planner. Mostly outof compliance-considerations. But also because the planner thinks he’ll persuade his client with those numbers.

The question is: are the numbers also the priority of your customer?

If this isn’t so, you’re taking a huge risk. Your client can doze off when you are presenting the numbers. I believe that your customer has 6 priorities. Do you know them?

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