The Best Way to Position Yourself as a Financial Planner

This video is from Nicholas Lee, founder of Financial Life Plans.
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Did you like Nicholas' story?
Then you might want to know that - years ago - I also had "my moment of truth" when one of my best clients said something that changed my life: 

“I’ve just got a better feeling about another advisor,” he said.

Even after showing him a financial plan where I laid out how he could save ten thousands euro’s each year, he decided to leave me.

I was stunned. From the beginning of my career, I was taught to think and act rationally, analytically and logically. To focus on the numbers.

Yet, here was my top client, telling me that he chose another advisor over me because of “a feeling”.

“Can it possibly be true?” I thought.

My answer, five years later, after reading dozens of books, following multiple training programs, writing, testing, and implementing all this information in my own financial planning service:


The Fatal Assumption

One of the worst ways you can torture yourself as a financial planner is to believe your extensive knowledge makes people want to buy your service.

Most planners believe we need to be rational, analytical, logical. That we need to strategize, not empathize.

We are - in some ways - like brilliant lawyers.

Just imagine an American courtroom. If you pay close attention you’ll notice that when even brilliant lawyers with extensive knowledge are trying to sell their technical expertise to their audience – the judges – it just doesn’t work. The judges wander off.

And it’s the same with financial planners.

You might think that people are buying your expertise. However, most people cannot evaluate your expertise; they cannot tell what a good financial plan looks like.

In financial planning, the value lies not in your expertise, because your expertise is assumed.

Therefore, you might fall victim to the most fatal assumption you can make about financial planning:

“If you understand the technical part of financial planning, you understand what matters most to people.”


Just take a look at this pic:

The picture shows the answer to the following question:

“What are the qualities of your financial planner that are the most important to you?”

That’s why it’s simply not enough to build your knowledge and depend on that.

Because if you understand the analytical, rational and left-brained part of our profession, you understand how the technical part of financial planning is performed.

But how about the other part of our profession?

The part that influences your prospects to make decisions, the part that moves them to act, the part that’s responsible for them wanting to buy your financial planning service?

It turns out that if you want people to buy your financial planning service it’s necessary to keep using your technical left-brain expertise and start fulfilling your emotional right-brain potential.

So that you serve people with your massive expertise.

And I hear you think: How?

How do I fulfill my so-called right-brain potential, so that more people will buy my financial planning service?

Well, I suggest the first step is to check out this offer for a premium Smart Financial Planner membership:

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