The State of Financial Planning 2017

How this 4-part video course will get you clients

  • Video #1: How to Explain the Big Benefit of Financial Planning
    Learn how to make people understand the value of financial planning in a very simple way
  • Video #2: The One and Only Thing You Need to Sell to Your Target Audience (and it's NOT financial planning) 
    Learn about the CONNECTION system for engaging and connecting with people for your service (even though you have never met them).
  • Video #3: How to Get 100+ Prospects in 24 Hours (seriously)
    Copy my exact strategy for getting lots and lots of prospects. This is a proven strategy that I've tested and implemented in my own financial planning service.
  • Video #4: Start Getting Real Results 
    Let me show you what next step you might want to take to connect with lots of people that WANT to do business with you