Bite-sized courses for real financial planners 

Smart Financial Planner provides videos, swipe files, and copy paste material about the human part of financial planning and covers client and prospect engagement that will make your financial planning service matter.

Free Video Course: How to Get 100+ Financial Planning Prospects in 24 Hours (Seriously)

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Mini courses tailored to your day to day business

Conversation skills

Learn new and effective powerful conversation skills for developing trust,  relationships, and emotional engagement. All tailored to the financial planning process; from the introductory meeting to maintaining the current client relationship.

Online marketing

We don’t just do  blogging for the sake of getting noticed. Our powerful blogging strategy is crafted for the best possible conversions, by engaging, connecting and giving value in a way which is quite different than traditional financial planning blogging.

Getting new clients

Few things are as important to the success to you as a financial planner than growing your business. With this in mind, Smart Financial Planner was created to engage, connect and simply get prospects to your office and turning them into real-life clients.



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Enhance your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Enhance your emotional intelligence by learning from the best business psychology books out there. We offer summaries, actionable insights and scientificially proven strategies, tactics and also inspiration, tailored to you as a smart financial planner.


Storytelling is an undervalued and underused art in the world of financial planning. By the nature of our profession, the financial planning business can be difficult to describe and to understand. That's why we'll teach you the one thing your prospects want to know: "How can you add value to my life?"

Private LinkedIn Community

Joining the Smart Financial Planner family includes a private LinkedIn community for finding answers, asking for support and sharing your victories – large and small – with friends. We believe the LinkedIn friendships that will develop are one of the most valuable parts of the membership.

Tips to make financial planning matter

We've reached over 100,000 financial planners worldwide with our blog

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What our members say about us

Joe PearceFinancial planner

I have spent a lot of time and money going to coaching sessions and seminars on how to provide real financial planning, but this platform exceeds anything I've experienced so far. It's exactly what is needed to help people like me succeed in our mission to provide real financial planning!